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Virtual assistant


As a business grows, it is often necessary to spend more time in accomplishing administrative tasks. This means that a manager would be increasingly busy because of this kind of commitments as the business grows. In order to prevent those tasks to distracting managers, the solution would be to hire an employee. However, many reasons suggest that that is not always possible. First of all, not every company can afford hiring extra employees just for extra administration. Moreover, usually a full-time employee is no longer needed as soon as the tasks have been accomplished. Lastly, especially in small- or medium-sized companies, there is no physical space for the employee to work. This is why many companies choose to hire a virtual assistant.


A virtual assistant manages the same tasks of an office employee, but with three main advantages

  • No office space required
  • Less salary
  • No full-time employee
Our personal virtual assistant service will help you perform some of your tasks so that you and your team will be able to focus on core areas and use your time in order to grow your business much more. You won´t need additional desks in your office and you can choose when and how much help you need from your virtual assistant. As if they were freelance, the service is calculated per hour. Our services include administrative, marketing, web, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, copy writing, content development, web design, remote sensing, web GIS and many more.

Chat and email

Being available via chat or email is nowadays a requisite for every company. Of course, as the business grows, providing a prompt and accurate response becomes harder and it is not always possible to provide a good service, which is a great disadvantage resulting in less sales. However, hiring local staff just to answer chat and email might be too expensive and not worth it. Therefore, the perfect solution is to outsource this service in order to have the same result at a way lower price.

You can outsource this service to our offices in Nepal, which will assist you in the following matters


Customer care

A good pre- and post-sale assistance is a sign of professionality and can help the company gain a good reputation. We strive to get you the best customer care service so that your customers will be satisfied. This process includes planning, organizing and delivering required information according to the customer´s demands using fast and reliable technical mediums such as telephone & e-mail. If the customer is happy with the service, they will suggest your company to other potential customers. Translated, a good service means free publicity and publicity means more customers. The more the customer is satisfied, the better it is for them and for you. Furthermore, our quality customer care teams are available 24/7.

Virtual secretary

Having a virtual secretary is just like having your own personal secretary but for a more affordable price, saving money you would need to hire, train and host a new employee.

A virtual secretary can provide assistance with day-to-day tasks such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • e-Mail Management
  • Travel Arrangement Management Services
  • Note Typing
  • Calendar Management
Along with these services, your virtual secretary can help you research whatever is necessary in order to help your company succeed. Our virtual secretaries operate under the same principles and procedures which all of our virtual assistant services offer. That means that they are going to immerse themselves in your organization so that they can better serve you. Our virtual secretaries are outsourced in order to help you cut down on costs. This makes our services affordable for your business.

Other Virtual Support


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