IT Service


IT is nowadays one of the main fields which, if improved, can really bring great advantage to the company in a short-time period. We offer several services regarding IT; we outsource software and web development, multimedia and graphic design, e-learning support, desktop sharing and printing solution and SEO. Read more about each offer!




  • Software Development

    Either for internal or external use, your company needs software if you want your service to be effective. A software can provide several services in a smart and fast way. Documents database, customer support software, operations record are the most frequently asked ones. Nevertheless, we serve each and every client customizing the software based on their request. Why should you work with us?

    * We use different programming software, such as: ASP, PHP, JAVA, AJAX, Many more..

    * You just need to give us your initial idea. We develop a project and will work along with you from the concept to the implementation.

    * We respect your budget and timing needs. At the end of the process, your software will be completely tailored and shaped according to your needs.

    * We offer post-sales support. We take care of the client the project, also providing assistance afterwards.

  • Web Development

    The first impression of a company is given by the features of its website. Therefore, it has to be intuitive, simple and professional at the same time. Our team of highly skilled developers has a numerous record of designed websites, always designed with the latest technology available:

    HTML/CSS Conversion, PHP Programming, Open source CMS customization, Prestashop, Wordpress Customization, E-commerce Development, Java Scripts, Flash Programming, Animations, Graphic Designing, Mysql, Cascading Style Sheet

  • Cross Platform And Software Migration

    More and more users nowadays prefer to spend more time using their smartphone rather that their computer. Smartphones (or tablets) are small and can be consulted everywhere without needing to bring a laptop, which most of the times can be unwieldy for the users. That is why you need a cross-platform software.

    What is it?

    A cross-platform is a software which can be accessed in many devices. Basically, the same software will be optimized in order to be performant in different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, different operating system. We can provide a cross-platform system for every software we produce.

    It is also clear to us that, to experience the effectiveness of IT at its best, a company shouldn´t just be pleased to have a customized software. In fact, in today´s world every company strives in order to regularly obtain an updated software, so that their internal or external systems assure the best performance. We understand that migration is a crucial aspect of the software. Therefore, we offer our best service to help you modernize your state-of-the-art software and keep it always at the latest technology.

  • Multimedia And Graphic Design

    A good index of a website is also the insertion of multimedia content which dynamically make the customers better understand the company´s field and aim. Creativity and imagination are a crucial factor for the company´s identity; thus, we can help you creating multimedia content, such as: short films, Pictures, Mini Documentaries, From the Pre-to post Production.

    Ask us to work at your specific project! For instance, we also offer professional photography services for events, weddings, commercials and other projects.

    Our graphic designers are also experienced in creating: logos, brochures, visiting cards, flyers, posters, banners, books, newspapers and magazines, product packaging design

  • SEO

    Commonly, when an average user is looking for something online, they will open the first three or four results and won´t go further because they have already found what they were looking for. That means that the websites which are not on the top of the results won´t have enough visibility and that the number of customers will be highly affected by it. Therefore, the best that a company can do for its website is to fly on top of the search engine´s results.

    How do you do that? This result can be achieved by using our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Below you can read an easy introduction to SEO.

    Situation: You´ve published your website so that your clients are able to get in touch with your services online. Now it is important that the potential customers are able to find you easily online.

    Problem: That means that customers should find your webpage on top of the results when they use, for instance, Google or Bing.

    Solution: Our SEO experts can make your company be more visible on the internet, letting you earn many more customer visits and, consequently, more potential clients.

  • E-learning Development

    A crucial thing to have in a company is a well-educated staff. Sometimes, the employees need training in order to accomplish new tasks. We offer smart e-learning solutions which can let you save a great amount of time, accelerating the process of updating of the whole team. We provide comprehensive e-Learning solutions, including: Custom Content Development, HTML5 Mobile Content, Mobile Learning, eMigration, Multimedia/WBT/CBT, Learning Administration, Learning Needs Analysis, Learning Consulting Services, Extended Development Teams

  • Desktop sharing and printing service

    Every company normally receives a large quantity of requests or orders every day. Checking for each and every of them may take precious time which could be spent in other more productive tasks. With our desktop sharing and printing solution, every incoming inquiry is automatically printed and sent to your reception within a few seconds. Our team will virtually assist your company in a simple but effective way.