Do I Need IT Outsourcing?

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    Outsourcing is a modern business practice used by companies to either increase efficiency, reduce the coverable cost and mostly both by extending the operations to a third party for a certain period. These operations could be performed by a third party either online or on site. Online would mean IT sourcing, which means the third party would just create you an online platform for your business and manage all the background work for you to ensure the website performs as required with no issues. On site however, is when you extend part of the work from the headquarters to be performed by expert third party.

    On site outsourcing involves extending jobs to overseas where the expenses would be generally low, from the cost of services to salary. For example, UIZ, a computer programming company in Berlin could outsource at least human resources tasks, or call centers to Nepal or Tanzania to reduce operational costs. Reducing cost is not the only target there, but also reducing workers’ traffic at the work area and many more coming with it. In this article however, we will look more into the online outsourcing or in other common term “IT outsourcing” where a company expands its operations to an online platform where online shopping could be easily done. Most common examples in this field are Amazon, eBay, BestBuy and other companies. This outsourcing has several advantages as you would imagine having your shop online rather than physical, a lot of thanks to technology. So, do you think you need IT outsourcing? In my opinion, any service-offering company would need IT outsourcing. If you do then you are at the right place to learn the benefits of IT outsourcing and enquire our exceptional services.

    Why you need IT Outsourcing

    1. IT Outsourcing frees up cash, facilities as well as time resources for the company

    Since you will be extending the company to the online platform, it means you will showcase the services or commodities online rather than displaying them at the site. This means you will need less cash for marketing as you will have reduced physical workers, less time as part of the work will no longer be yours, etc. Research by Gartner shows that IT outsourcing saves as high as 40 percent just by outsourcing emails. This can be easily explicable as one does not need to get extra computers for IT department, leaving aside the experts’ hiring costs and setting an office for them; all would just be replaced by IT outsourcing.


    2. You need IT Outsourcing to be able to focus on primary business

    Focusing on core business

    This can be better understood thinking of specialization and division of labor if the major field of your company is on something else and not IT. Most of the companies need IT as support function rather than major focus, therefore, trying to manage your own data center and core business would demand split of focus as you will be trying to recruit good developers and might still not end up with good team if yourself are not much into IT. Knowing how expensive and costly IT is, you don’t want to get into having low-level IT vendors as you will get into many risks. Therefore, outsourcing the department to right personnel would set you free, keep you focused on your major business but they will do a better job.

    3. Provides assurance on the safety of the data

    In IT, losing data to hackers, getting interrupted by malwares, system updates and database management are very common terminologies which have expensive effects economically as well as in security for example; There are always one million malwares released every day, system updates require back-ups to secure the loss of data, as well as hackers every day trying to access the database of the data center to use them for their own benefits. All these are threats which either need proper encryption or proper back up system installation, etc. Therefore, to ensure safe guarding of the task you will need IT outsourcing to hand everything to experienced personnel who know what they are supposed to do at what situation.

    4. Take one step ahead by getting to an international level

    Once you get the right and experienced designers to put front your company on the web, it can be accessed and visible from all parts of the world as well as get enquiries from overseas. Isn’t that a right move? Easy to think of Amazon, where whenever mentioned, comes to your mind an online vending company who are exporting to everywhere in the world. Amazon is outsourcing around five major departments. So, you can see that outsourcing brings more and more.

    Along all benefits come risks, getting poor or unqualified specialists could highly be of cost to your business, therefore, it is your task to make sure you get highly qualified developers who can assure to offer all the agreed services. Vendors who could be up for regular updates, regular site visits, active in frequent optimization, having vast knowledge in SEO would be the right choice to go for. UIZ are having one of the most stable IT outsourcing team who have been active for many years in Germany, UK, Nepal and newly in Poland. For enquiry please reach us at +49-30-20679114 or visiting

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