Call center service


One of the most common outsourced sectors is the call center. You can easily spare money for venues and employees training and salary simply transferring this sector in Nepal. Apart from the pecuniary advantage, there are many other pros why you should do that.


Every Sector

Our well-trained agents can work in every sector, thanks to the flexibility they acquired from their experience.

Multilingual service

We assure a trustworthy multilingual service.

Inbound & outbound

The agents will deal both with inbound and outbound calls.


Our service can be active twentyfour/seven


Our skilled call center agents can deal with calls in every sector, offering a 24/7 service. We assure high quality standards in our multilingual service. We provide both inbound and outbound calls.

In the inbound calls, the customer is calling the center. It could be for technical support, complaint or other questions. Along with our agents, we offer :



In the outbound calls, the agents are calling customers. That could be for promotion of other services, surveying or feedback request. Along with that, here´s what we offer: