Business Service

Business Service

Data acquisition

Data acquisition is an important organizational aspect to take care of. Data needs to be stored, updated and often proofed. We can offer you the data collection service with an operator working 35-40 hours a week. Your agent will work with a special software in order to give you the best service. For instance, you could use our service for:

  • input of personal customer data by GPS location
  • input of information regarding advertisement in an online-news portal
  • transmission of paper based on market research results
  • update of customer data
  • processing input and output calculation
  • follow-up of students results at a college or university

Online finance service

In order to stand out in your field, you should have what your competitors don´t have. For instance, a strong internet presence leads to many more potential customers. Our team provides online financial service for every kind of organization. Our experts will help you in many ways:

  • A good chat system can be a great media for a first contact with the client and then set up meetings, provide information, etc.
  • Additional tools allow your agents to readily realize if there is possibility to do business or not, letting you spare a large amount of time in the long-term period
  • The website monitoring operator console allows to see country and city of origin of website visitors. With this information, your representatives can, in a short time, tell if the website´s visitors could deal with your organization or not; time-wasting, non-legitimate chat requests can be screened out if preferred.

Appointment service

We know that as business grows, so does the number of appointments that businessmen/women have to add in their agenda. This task can, nevertheless, easily be outsourced. We can take care of all the appointments, working as intermediaries between your company and your clients. There are many reasons why you should outsource this service:

  • Our team is composed of trustworthy agents who can manage your agenda.
  • You can spare a large amount of time, concentrating more in your company´s core areas.
  • We offer multilingual support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Data analysis

Analysis of data is a complex process composed of many steps, done with the aim of understanding a situation and support decision-making. Thus, data analysis cannot be made by everybody, for it requires the capability of expert research analysts who can collect, analyze and, lastly, take decisions. Those listed below are the main steps of the service we provide.

  • Data assembly: The first step of the data analysis is the collection of data.
  • Data dispensation: The acquired data needs to be processed or ordered for further study.
  • Data scrubbing: The collected data may cover needless files, identical values or contain any other problem which may hinder the analysis. Checking for faults to delete in the data is commonly called data scrubbing.
  • Exploratory data analysis: The data, once made flawless, can be analyzed looking for patterns and strategies.
  • Relations and modelling: Once the data is analyzed, our team is able to come to conclusions giving new solutions and strategies.

Market feasibility

If a company wants to invest money in business, the risk should be as low as possible. Our expert can offer their market knowledge to analyze the market feasibility of a proposed investment. By studying the market trends, we can also suggest solutions taking account of the market demand, the previous situation, the competitors and the expansion of a sector. We provide our service to a wide range of companies and organizations. We offer solutions for

  • Finding new markets.
  • Analyzing location and relocate company.
  • Investments in new markets.
  • Analysis of risk and/or opportunity.
  • Market, project and feasibility studies.
  • Analysis and consultancy in decision-making process.

Publishing support

Outsourcing the publishing support is a smart way to save money without renouncing to a high-quality service. We take care of your publishing process also managing the subscribers: that is, for instance, dealing with:

  • New Subscriptions
  • Cancellations and Refunds
  • Missing or Lost Deliveries.
  • Address and other Data Changes
  • Market, project and feasibility studies.
  • General Service Support

Market research

Constantly-changing customer preferences and competitive markets drive the need for informed, accurate and up-to-the-minute product and market research Reports. Effective market research targets qualified respondents, makes intelligent queries and accurately records response data. Our staff has a proven track record in collecting and interpreting quality data and information for influencing key customer/product/market decisions. We work across a large variety of market segments, including:

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Software
  • Geoinformatics.
  • Hydrogeology
  • Environment


Industry solutions

Every industry has unique practices, legal requirements and operating metrics that govern the effective operation and management of its business processes for the preparation of industry solutions. Outsourcing those processes requires immense trust in your partner, whose ability has to be to provide what users and clients in your industry need and expect, just as your organization would do. Thanks to our recruitment of skilled, experienced employees and to our specialist knowledge on outsourcing best practices, we develop BPO solutions which work as a virtual part of a customer’s organization and delivers the best performance.