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No Extra Taxes

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Avoid all the stress of hiring a regular Employee!



What is outsourcing?

Many companies nowadays decide to transfer some parts of their work to a provider, usually located in countries where the average salary is lower, instead of dealing all the tasks in-house. The decision of hiring a sub-company which works on behalf of the client has many advantages.



What do we offer?

Our company provides services to all the Australian companies which want to start outsourcing. We can help you with the following :


IT Service

IT is nowadays one of the main fields which, if improved, can really bring great advantage to the company in a short-time period. We offer several services regarding IT; we outsource software and web development, multimedia and graphic design, e-learning support, desktop sharing and printing solution and SEO. Read more about each offer!

Call Center Service

One of the most common outsourced sectors is the call center. You can easily spare money for venues and employees training and salary simply transferring this sector in Nepal.

Virtual Service

As a business grows, it is often necessary to spend more time in accomplishing administrative tasks. This means that a manager would be increasingly busy because of this kind of commitments as the business grows. In order to prevent those tasks to distracting managers, the solution would be to hire an employee.

Business Service

We provide different kinds of Business Services for your Business growth. Such as Data acquisition, Online finance service, Appointment service, Data analysis, Market feasibility, Publishing support, Market research, Industry solutions.